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why many bloggers who discuss niche blogging ?

First learned the first time blogging I always wondered in our hearts like this:

Why why so many blogs that the contents of the blog, tutorial blog lah, lah blogging tips, tricks blogging lah?

Even I myself also chimed writing tutorial blog when I did not have much experience on the blog.

Ngeblog tentang Blog
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The reason why many bloggers are blogging about blogs

After a long time I've started blogging finally find the answers to these questions.

Well below are some of the reasons that I think makes a lot of bloggers are blogging about blogs.

1. Because they (and I) love the bandwagon

The most obvious reason is because most bloggers beginners like me-too, not to mention my own. See tutorial blog blogs are so popular, many comments, alexa ranking slim, to be honest it makes me kepengin can have a blog that is popular as it is. I'm sure everyone also kepengin.

Indeed, there's nothing wrong if we kepengin bandwagon, but to create a popular blog and get a lot of visitors actually do not need to discuss on the blog. Many other topics out there that can still be selected.

2. Because they do not know any other topics besides blog

As already little I mentioned above, in the blog actually we can write about anything, the topic is not at all limited. But because most beginner bloggers too often read blogs tutorial blog, then finally formed a mindset or way befikir in the head that the only topic that can be discussed in the blog ya just blog.

I am sure my friend knew the popular Australian blogger named Darren Rowse problogger.net blog owner. Darren Rowse is touted as his father blogger in the world because of his blog that discusses problogger.net blogging tips.

Well many thought Darren Rowse be successful because of his blog address at problogger.net. Though not at all.

Indeed problogger.net very popular and I am sure the produce is not a small income. But most make Darren Rowse is the success of his blog address at http://digital-photography-school.com/

Blog that discusses the topic of digital photography has 800ribu more RSS subscribers and reached 700 thousand fans on facebook. Very different from the problogger.net.

3. Because they are happy to write what is being learned

Blogger blogging beginners just learning means, well, if a new study is cool-blogging usually asiknya reading the articles on the blog. Because so asiknya until writing what is being learned in his own blog.

Is it wrong?

Absolutely not.

Only problem is, is able to consistently write articles on the blog? is able to compete with blogs first popular?

Well most novice bloggers only spirit in the beginning. When they realized that a blog on a popular blog is not easy, they began not spirit and finally stop blogging.

So what this blog discusses tips on blogging, what is also due to the bandwagon?

If my friend Nanya this question in 2011 ago, then the answer is, YES.

But if my friend Nanya now, then the answer is, NO.

The reason why this blog discusses blogging tips not because I kepengin bandwagon, but for no particular reason.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Because I was selling template blogger

Beginning the first time I made this blog, I did not have a clear objective. Chimed in writing tutorial blog that I myself do not understand what I wrote.

I started blogging because they are lazy to merely follow along, I decided to write anything on this blog in accordance with what I like, ranging from technology, football, until the topics are not clear.

After quite a long time to manage a blog with a topic that is not clear and the objectives not obvious, I was getting confused because visitors do not ride-up, the list continues AdSense rejected. Worse, once I was blogging using HP Nokia C2-01.

Well finally showed up with an idea to sell template blogger because I used the edit-edit template hobby blogger.

Honestly I'm not a blogger who design experts especially coding, but I was desperate with all the skills that I have to sell a blogger template. My main expectation is that can get a little money to buy a laptop.

Long story short I ended up selling my first premium blogger template named "Mas Sugeng Blogger Template" But the template I sell are not in this blog, but in forum ads.id.

Thank God, in the beginning there are some people who buy, but after it was deserted because I got banned from the forum ads.id the grounds selling misplaced.

The money I get from selling template blogger in forum ads.id only about a few hundred thousand. Obviously is simply not enough to buy a laptop.

Because what I'm trying to sell my premium blogger template on his own blog. But what are the results? deserted nobody bought. The reason is obvious because my blog is not clear.

WELLL ...... .. that was the beginning why I decided to focus this blog as a place to share the experience of blogging in the form of tips and tutorials that this blog can get targeted visitors from among bloggers.

The result is what?

I sell templates that are selling well. Not intended arrogant or something, but from the initial intention that only pengin can buy a laptop, I could even buy a computer, motors, land, and most importantly make his parents.

2. Because I like it

The last reason because personally I was pleased to learn things related about blogging, like writing, internet marketing, SEO, and so forth.

I've discussed the topic of blogging about three years, but until now I have not been bored or lazy in fact quite the opposite. I think there are very many that I can learn and can be shared on this blog.


In this post I actually do not kepengin vent, but hopefully still be taken advantage.

What I can tell by what I have written above is:

Be yourself and do not like to imitate others if my friend was True like can take advantage of the blog buddy governance.

AdSense is not the only way to make money from blogs. My simple example that makes money from selling template blogger.

But remember ... if my friend interested in selling template blogger since joining in me, then I do not warrant going to be able to achieve the same result.

There are many other methods of making money from blogs that may still not much to know.

Back when the first start I was selling template blogger, very few people who sell templates blogger, and I do not know if there will be sold or not. As my friend you know, an awful lot out there for free blogger templates provider cool-cool.

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